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FREE delivery on orders over $150 in NSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do NOT need an account to place order. However, sign-up is free and it will be much easier to track your order when you have an account.

We accept payments by bank transfer, PayPal, Credit and Debit cards and cash on delivery.

We manage our own logistics. All deliveries will be handled by our local delivery team. At the moment, we service customers from NSW only.

Please contact our customer service to find out the delivery time and schedule for your order.

return and exchange policy goes here.

Q: How many times delivery per week?/请问贵公司每周配送几次货物?

A: Normally once a week , the order cut off time is every Thursday and delivery on Friday. If there are some urgent delivery requirement, please put notes on your order./通常情况是每周送货一次,每周的接单截止时间是周四,周五进行派送。如果您有紧急配送需求,请在订单备注中说明,或者联系我司。紧急配送有可能产生额外配送费用,额外配送费用会与您协商一致后加入到总价格中。

Q: What's your company delivery coverage area?/贵公司配送覆盖那些区域?

A: Ricland provides delivery service for NSW regional company/wholesale customers. For family users, the delivery region is listed by postcode./对于批发客户,Ricland的配送服务覆盖整个新洲全境。 对于家庭用户,配送覆盖区域以邮编方式列出,请参考Delivery information.

Q: How much is the delivery fee ?/配送费用怎么计算?

A: For restaurant and wholesales customers, the delivery fee is charged per trip distance and total order with mutual agreement. For family customers, no delivery fee  charge for one order delivery over $200, and $15 delivery charged for one order between $100-$200. If the order is less than $100, delivery charge will be mutually agreed via discussion. /对于饭店和批发用户,配送费用是根据配送距离和订货双方协商一致决定。对于家庭用户,少于$200的订单将加收$15的配送费,如果订货少于$100,建议客户到公司自取或者双方协商一致派送费。

Please contact company via 0287548188 after put the order./请下单后拨打电话0287548188 对订单进行确认。